garden tapestry

I frequently zero in on the magnificence of a single flower and I do enjoy that kind of intimate study of a particular color and form. But often the beauty comes in the combination of elements – the layering and the contrasts. Sometimes I have to remind myself to step back and take it ALL in.

blog061415_garden with wisteria

162/365: garden view with wisteria

a time for love

Tomorrow Brad & I celebrate our 15th anniversary! It’s also peony season. One of my favorite, swoon-worthy flowers since childhood, I chose white peonies in my bridal bouquet. So, in celebration of my swoon-worthy husband and 15 beautiful years: a peony. I think I need to plant white ones…


156/365: peony

06.20.13 sweet peony

The peonies are woven into my earliest memories. Before words, embedded in the cells of my childhood there is abundant beauty and intoxicating perfume and, of course, it’s all crawling with ants. The peonies in my mind’s eye sprawl luxuriously under trees in the backyard and around the houses of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They wrap me up in bittersweetness and leave too soon, their scent lingering on the summer breeze.

blog062013_peony171/365: peony

05.15.13 generation

The sunlight on the peony shoots perfectly highlights the glorious transformation that is going on right now in my garden. This peony and a few other plants came from plants in my grandparents’ and great-grandmother’s gardens. The return of these plants and the memories they carry is especially welcome.

blog051513_peony shoots135/365: peony shoots


It took an inspiring global initiative, but this month, thanks to 30 Days of Creativity, I’ll actually be using my Twitter (more than two years after signing up)! Oh, and I’ll be Pinning, too. Gosh, I feel so…21st Century.

What can I say? I’m just a gal who can’t resist public commitments to daily creativity. It’s gonna be great!

So, here we go: #30DOC, Day 1

late spring peony