06.29.13 yeehaw!

We’re back! We spent 10 days at the cabin. I took 975 photographs. Now to get caught up here on the blog…

Before we headed north, we were invited to visit Sawyer’s fort-building camp at Wood Lake Nature Center. We checked out the forts, ate scat cookies and got a live zipline demo!

blog062913_ziplineSawyer180/365: sawyer hits the zipline

lake time

I haven’t been the most consistent blogger lately. And, it’s possible that no one would have noticed my week + absence.

In any case, we’re heading for the lake and a welcome break from the grid. I’ll take lots of photos and get back in touch when we return.

schneider timelake time / schneider time


06.27.13 month of firsts

Zola is getting a lot of blog love lately (and, yes, I am fretting about giving both my kids equal time). She’s just having a big month. First the training wheels came off her bike then, yesterday, she lost her first tooth!

Stay tuned for news from Sawyer’s world; I’m sure to be doubting my “good mom” status till I even things out 🙂

blog062713_zolas1sttooth178/365: Zola sans tooth

Water Works Exhibition

Excited to have Plunge included in the juried summer exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute.

Water Works
Celebrating our most precious resource and the artists who share in the primitive pull towards H2O
June 20 – August 25, 2013

Opening Reception tonight (June 20) 5 – 7

Rathai01_PlungePlunge, 30″ x 30″ metallic print, $800

06.17.13 my sunshine(s)

We enjoyed a perfect summer Sunday in the city (Minneapolis). A Baker’s Wife donuts (still warm), bike ride around the lake (a first), trip to Kingfield Farmers Market (our favorite) for Foxy Falafel (the best!) and a good old-fashioned sing-a-long with the Roe Family Singers (old-timey) who make us happy when skies are blue and on beautiful sunny days, too.

blog0617113_quillanroe168/365: Quillan Roe

06.16.13 wheee!

Zola learned to ride her bike Saturday! She went from, “don’t let go” to “woohooo” in under an hour! Plus, she was just in time to give Brad an extra Father’s Day gift on Sunday: our family’s maiden bike ride around the lake – with each of us on our own bikes. I felt very much like a mother duck as I followed close behind my little brood. And proud as a peacock.

blog061613_zolablur167/365: zola bikes

06.04.13 all’s fair

It’s all about rites of passage this time of year. Graduations, last days of school, weddings. Doors closing and others opening. It’s a bittersweet time.

As a child passing through these milestones, I think it’s mostly sweet. At least, that’s how I remember it. Everything exists in the present moment when you’re kid. You think about things in the future & past, sure. But, really, it comes down to giving all you’ve got to the moment.

blog060413_tugowar_dag155/365: tug of war

06.03.13 roll with it

There is all kinds of wisdom to be gathered by watching children.

  • Make your own fun.
  • Play is a priority.
  • It’s OK to get a little dizzy as long as you have a good ride.
  • Who cares about getting dirty??

And, of course,

  • just roll with it.

I have so much to learn.

blog060313_rollingdownhill154/365: zola & sawyer let it roll