07.10.13 welcome home

One downside to a week-long vacation is that I miss the gardens. I worry about the plants getting enough water and I fret over missing some spectacular, short-lived blooms.

When we returned Sunday, we were just in time to see the welcoming sights of the favorite yellow lilies, the newly-planted daisies, and the sweet, pink yarrow. The next day, I spent time watering and getting reacquainted with the gardens and discovered the tomatoes and green beans that emerged during our time away. As much as I love our time at the lake, it’s good to be home. And that is a good thing.

blog071013_pinkyarrow191/365: pink yarrow

06.12.13 be still my (bleeding) heart

Possibly my favorite plant in the whole garden for the way the leaves light up the shadows with an unreal chartreuse glow. The flowers, too, are pure poetry: handing delicately off their arcing stems, they lift their fine pink petticoats in sort of curtsy. It’s enough to break your heart.

blog061213_bleeding heart163/365: bleeding heart

watching the skies

Ssshhhh. There is snow in the forecast but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it out loud. I love snow. My kids love snow. And there is nothing I like better than a white Christmas. So, fingers-crossed!!

This photograph has nothing to do with snow. But, since I’m watching the skies, waiting for the flakes to fall, I thought I’d share a rosy outlook for your Friday. Think of it as something pretty for today, from me to you.

pink-cloudscapepink clouds

Little Feathers, Lacey Blooms

Of all the common names for achillea millefolium, the one I like best is plumajillo –  ‘little feather’ – describing the shape of the leaves. I’ve always known them as ‘yarrow’ and thought of them as almost-weeds. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; they have just the combination of toughness and delicate beauty that tends to win me over.

Day 12: Yarrow

Rose-Colored Yarrow Blossoms