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224/365: zola on the bars


This is an apt portrait of my daughter Zola. She is particularly dogged about doing what she sets out to do (note the tongue sticking out to express true determination). She is also a cheeky little monkey.

The monkey bars never stood a chance.


04.04.13 welcome to the jungle

This is the kind of place I would never want to go. Yet, as a parent, if your kids love it then you love it. Or at least you love them enough to take them there once in a while. It’s hyper-stimulating, slightly claustrophic, loud, and rides that fine line between awesome & insane: everyone is exhilarated as long as they don’t get lost, hurt, scared, or completely overwrought.

Meanwhile, I sit and listen for distress calls, wave enthusiastically when I see my children’s happy, sweaty faces, and wish the trees weren’t made of plastic.

blog040413_adventure peak94/365: adventure peak


Happy to be included in this exhibition at Prøve Gallery in Duluth devoted to art that addresses the idea of PLAY. The show opens tomorrow night (Friday, September 14) with storytelling and local beers by Lake Superior Brewing. I won’t be able to make the party but I did enjoy checking out the space when I delivered my pictures last week.

Prøve Collective Gallery – Duluth, MN

My pictures address the idea of play in various ways. Several express the freedom, wonder and lust for life that are the soul of childhood.

Running with Bubbles

Rainmaker / Sweet

Others take a playful approach to familiar objects of play including iconic games and toys.

Chinese Checkers / Slinky / Beach Ball

The final image captures the hyper-playground of the carnival midway, super-saturated and a bit surreal.


Playground at Prøve Gallery, Duluth, MN September 14 – September 30. Opening reception Friday, September 14 from 7 – 11pm.