03.04.13 love times three

I don’t post a lot of family pictures but once in a while there is one I just have to share. This picture is a perfect expression of our family life. We are blessed with an abundance of love, true interest in each other, and real, sweet affection. Zola’s smile says it all: life really is good.

blog030413_loveX363/365: family portrait

more lovely ladies

Same location (Lyndale Park Gardens – see recent posts) but a completely different photo session – senior portraits with twins Jordyn & Rylee. They were so easy to photograph, I felt like I was working with a couple of models! And, even better, they were lots of fun.

Thanks Jordyn & Rylee for another beautiful day in the garden and the opportunity to create these special pictures with you!

grace in the garden

Part of my reason for wandering the Lyndale Park Gardens? Photo shoots! I spent a lovely morning there recently with three-year-old Grace and her mother, Lisa. Grace kept us moving, giving us the chance to try lots of ideas and, ultimately, too many cute pics to choose from!

Thank you, Grace & Lisa for a beautiful day in the garden!

Say cheese.

Today I am excited to unveil something I’ve been working on for some time:

Avant Garden Portraits! (Keep reading – there’s a special offer here, too!)

I think portraits should be about revealing the natural beauty and true character of their subjects. I see the whole experience of creating portraits as a collaboration between subject and photographer. I work with clients to determine location, creative direction, even wardrobe (if you want). Then we hang out and I take pictures. We can keep it simple or get really creative. The experience is unique to each individual or family; it should be comfortable. And fun!

**Special Portrait Offer**

Purchase a Portrait Sitting for $100 (a $150 value) if you buy it before December 31, 2011. Then schedule your sitting anytime through 2012.

Extra bonus: When you purchase a sitting (before December 31, 2011), I’ll send you a special coupon code to get 20% off your portraits.

To purchase: go to my website. Put a SITTING FEE in your basket and enter coupon code SMILE2011 to get $50 off!

Please see brochure for details. Contact me with questions or to schedule a sitting.

Be merry. Say cheese!


I did it!!! When I started this project 365 days ago, I had no idea what a huge undertaking it was. That was probably a good thing.

It has been a life-changing year. A year of beauty and wonder and bravery and sometimes, many times, just plain old hard work and determination.

To each and every person who took the time to look, and especially to those who signed on to follow the project EVERY day: thank you. And to those whose comments were like lifeblood to me, I am truly grateful. I enjoyed sharing the journey with all of you more than I could have imagined.

This project ends today but the next leg of my journey is just taking shape. I hope to see you again along the way. Wishing you all good things in the New Year – Terra

self portrait


Simple portraits – those that focus on the face and not much else – are probably the most captivating images. They speak to our shared humanity and connect us to the subject, whether we’re gazing into the eyes of a stranger or upon the face of our most dearly beloved.