05.05.13 after the burn

The prairie garden near my house was burned since I visited last. It looks desolate but really it’s a sign of renewal.

From out of those ashes, the prairie is ready to begin again.

blog050513_aftertheburn125/ 365: spring prairie garden, after the burn

03.03.13 prairie in winter, part three

If you’ve been following the blog (or if you take a peek at my Flickr stream¬†on the right) you know that I’ve been inspired by the concept of the winter garden, specifically the prairie garden near my house. I decided to stroll down for a few more winter prairie shots yesterday because – in spite of the 12 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow – spring is coming. Soon my skeletal brown and gray stalks will erupt with color and life and I’ll be busy adoring a whole new world…

blog030313_seed heads early march62/365: seed heads

Today’s photo reminded me of something that I’ve been wanting to share. One of my prints was included in this seed-inspired¬†Etsy Favorites list on the Lark Crafts blog last week! Here’s a peek at the photo they chose – it hasn’t been on the blog yet.

etsy_5x5_monarda-seed-head-closeupmonarda seed head

Thanks to Becky @ Lark Craft for a great piece on the courage of seeds!

01.24.13 the prairie in winter, part two

After one arctic blast in the face I knew my time outside was going to be brief. I made a beeline for my trusty old prairie garden friend and hastily snapped a few shots of dried grasses and seed heads bobbing in the wind. Then my auto-focus (and frozen finger tips) told me my time was up, and I gratefully headed for home.

blog_012413_prairie0224/365: seed heads with split rail fence