09.21.13 in the presence of greatness

We may not have an ocean here in Minnesota but, we do have Lake Superior. A force of beauty that never fails to fill my sense of awe to overflowing. And that, I think, is not too shabby.

blog_parkpointduluth264/365: park point beach, duluth, mn

09.20.13 something fishy

I’m not going to lie: the 365 project has kind of fallen apart over the past few weeks. No excuses, no regrets, just life. I’ve still been taking pictures, but not every day. So, what I plan to do with the blog is get this baby caught up so at least I’ve shared a photo 365 days of the year AND I’m rededicating myself to finishing out 2013 with a photo a day.

And now, apropos of nothing, here’s a cool pic of a lionfish I snapped at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth recently. Happy Friday!

blog_lionfish263/365: lion fish

09.19.13 blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

I’ve been on a nostalgic musical journey over the past few weeks, ever since my friend Felicia turned me on to a Pandora genre station called ’70’s Lite Rock’. If you want to feel all the earthy glam and free-spirited innocence of that bygone era, I recommend tuning in. Somehow this image captures that spirit of the 70’s for me.

blog_lightfixtures262/365: vintage chandeliers

09.18.13 note to self

For some reason, I don’t take annuals seriously. I dismiss them with their ever-present cheerful blooms.

Too common? Too easy? It makes no sense.

Is a coneflower any more exotic than a marigold? Not at all. Next year, I will embrace these happy workhorses of the garden and enjoy the color and beauty they provide with such tireless consistency.

blog091713_orangemarigolds261/365: late-summer marigolds

09.16.13 here be dragons

The other day, I spied something in the depths of the garden I’d never seen before. The delicate pink spires of the false dragonhead were a delightful surprise. I’d forgotten all about planting them. They appeared just as all the other flowers were petering out, reviving my fading interest in this year’s garden…

blog090513_falsedragonhead259/365: false dragonhead

09.13.13 abandoned

Abandoned houses are a childhood fascination I never outgrew. As a little girl  riding in the backseat, I craned to get a closer look of the empty farmhouses. They were my landmarks on the drive to my grandparents’ house in rural Minnesota.

I loved to imagine the stories of the families. It was deliciously sad, mysterious and unfathomable that people would leave their homes to be slowly reclaimed by the wild. I always wanted to peer through the window or step inside to see what they’d left behind.

doll256/365: porcelain doll