09.08.13 large simple shapes

Sawyer and Zola got their first taste of printmaking at the Minneapolis Monarch Festival at Lake Nokomis.  ArtOrg was on hand with supplies, volunteers, and a STEAMROLLER, of course! This is Zola’s print, half inked. Conceptualizing the design, the fact that the lines & details you drew on your block wouldn’t show, proved difficult for many…

blog090813_zolasprint251/365: zola’s block gets inked

09.06.13 outside the box

I received photos from the Traffic Signal Mural Project of my finished utility box. My design, “Wet Paint” is an old favorite, a shot of the perfect juicy swirl of vibrant colors Sawyer had on his palette one hot summer day before he dug in with his brush. I love the contrast of this image against the brick wall.

wet paint box 02249/365: ‘wet paint’ utility box, mankato (my art, not my photo)

04.18.13 it’s a wrap

Stuck in the studio and feeling I’ve mined every shot out of the bleak, late winter landscape, I looked around and spied a large sheet of bubble wrap. This stuff is great for at least three reasons. Four if you count the protective packaging aspects.

1) Entertainment.

2) Nostalgia. Related to entertainment, but specifically linked to the endless delight of countless children including me and mine; and

3) It looks cool. Particularly if you really study it and take way too many pictures of it and start thinking that it looks like a mass of frog’s eggs under a magnifying glass. Or something like that.

Anyway, today’s photo also provides me with a perfect corny segue for talking about my Kickstarter project which wraps up Saturday, April 20th  at 7:00am (CST). As of this post, there are 36 hours remaining. This fundraising effort supports my public art debut, The Never-Ending Wood, part of a public art initiative called An Enchanted Arboretum. If you haven’t yet, please check out the project. There’s a video of me talking about the project, lots of pictures and more information. Plus, you can check out the special edition artwork I’m offering as backer rewards.

While I’ve made my goal, I’m excited to have lots of people on board and to share the rewards with as many people as possible. I’d love to have some blog readers jump on board!

blog041813_bubbles108/365: bubble wrap

03.21.13 work in progress

Today’s photo is actually a still from a video I was working on yesterday. That’s me talking about the public art project I’m working on. Remember that big tree? More to come…

blog032213_videostill81/365: self portrait, video still

02.01.13 enchanted

I’ve been waiting to share some exciting news and today’s photo provides the perfect opportunity.

Several months ago, I submitted a design for a public art project in Nebraska City, NE called An Enchanted Arboretum. The project features artist-designed tree sculptures celebrating the city’s history as the birthplace of Arbor Day.

My proposal, a four-part photo collage titled, The Never-Ending Wood, was among the 21 designs selected for the project. More to come on that…Yesterday, my beautiful 6-foot tall tree finally arrived! Voila!

blog020113treeincrate32/365: it’s here !!

Stay tuned to the blog, or join my Facebook Page to watch the process as I create my tree! You can also follow An Enchanted Arboretum to see updates from other artists involved in the project.