walk on the wild side

We froze our butts off on our walk yesterday but seeing this guy made it all worth while. He was a perfect subject, regarded us with plenty of curiosity, and let me get up nice & close. I love encountering my wild neighbors right here in the city.

blog03051563/365: juvenile red-tailed hawk

08.25.13 live action

Tough to choose a picture from the 8+ hour Minnesota State Fair EXTRAVAGANZA but this shot captures one of my favorite, most exhilarating moments of the day. We attended the Birds of Prey show  at the DNR building with John A. Karger from Last Chance Forever. The kids and I are sitting on the ground at John’s feet; this vulture flew so close over our heads that we felt the wind from his wings. It was a little scary and totally thrilling.

blog082513_birdsofpreyshow237/365: john a. karger with volunteer and vulture