still life with radish

Can I tell you how I’ve longed for this day? In the deep midwinter, wandering desperately through the produce section, I ached for the CSA box like a long-lost love. The sheer abundance of goodness! So much fresh, local, organic bounty, that (it’s so sad and I really hate to admit it) sometimes we failed to eat it all.

It’s a new day. A new season. And I am full of resolve. To appreciate each and every leafy green. To savor every turnip. Even to make my very best effort with the beets. Thank you Hog’s Back Farm for the enormous blessings you bestow each week. Our forks and appetites are ready.

Day 7: CSA Still Life

CSA Still Life

Week One: Herb plants (thyme & oregano for our kitchen garden), radishes, arugula, bok choi, rapini, 3 kinds of lettuce, scallions, pea shoots