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222/365: dead (sun)flowers


This is what a burn-out day on the 365 (and my deck) sometimes looks like.

Any Stones fans out there? I’m sending you Dead Flowers. Click through to listen on Spotify.



Despite the fresh beginning that the New Year brings, come January (in the north country), it can feel that the world has been dead for quite a long time. The landscape appears monochromatic, rather bleak. I turn to the seeds – always full of hope – the subtle grays, browns, and shades of white that form the winter palette – and take heart in the knowledge that every winter eventually turns to spring.


1/365: seed heads on snow

03.03.13 prairie in winter, part three

If you’ve been following the blog (or if you take a peek at my Flickr stream on the right) you know that I’ve been inspired by the concept of the winter garden, specifically the prairie garden near my house. I decided to stroll down for a few more winter prairie shots yesterday because – in spite of the 12 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow – spring is coming. Soon my skeletal brown and gray stalks will erupt with color and life and I’ll be busy adoring a whole new world…

blog030313_seed heads early march62/365: seed heads

Today’s photo reminded me of something that I’ve been wanting to share. One of my prints was included in this seed-inspired Etsy Favorites list on the Lark Crafts blog last week! Here’s a peek at the photo they chose – it hasn’t been on the blog yet.

etsy_5x5_monarda-seed-head-closeupmonarda seed head

Thanks to Becky @ Lark Craft for a great piece on the courage of seeds!

01.16.13 the once & future garden

In my own gardens, I tend to focus more on food and foliage than flowers. But last summer, I bought lots of flower seeds and sprinkled them heavily throughout our sunniest vegetable garden.  Between the herbs and tomato plants, pockets of lemon-yellow marigolds and red-orange cosmos delighted me with constant blooms all summer long.

I was so enamored with these cheery flowers, I decided to try my hand at saving seeds in the hope that I can spread even more beauty (and thrift) in next year’s gardens.

If the plan succeeds, I’ll have photos for you around July. Until the ground thaws, I’ll be tending my future garden dreams in the sunshine of my mind…

blog011613_marigolds16/365: dried marigolds