still in bloom

270/365: meadow rue


I’m always happy to find flowers still in bloom in early autumn – besides the ubiquitous mums, of which, I a not a huge fan. The meadow rue can easily be taller than me, despite its delicate appearance. I like things that manage to be mighty and tender all at once.


Luminous & cheerful in the sunlight, the white woodland blooms of the anemone become a graceful cascade of undulating stems and delicate petals at dusk. It’s as if they are giving their final curtsy after the radiant performance of the day.

blog052115_anemones138/365: anemones at dusk

point of view

There is a tendency to want to capture everything at its peak – the exact moment of perfect expression between striving and declining. That is a beautiful moment, to be sure. But to see with fresh eyes, I like to observe the full cycle. Those other moments – outside of the 15 minutes of fame – tell the true story and reveal beauty of their own.

blog050815_anemones126/365: meadow anemones

06.12.13 be still my (bleeding) heart

Possibly my favorite plant in the whole garden for the way the leaves light up the shadows with an unreal chartreuse glow. The flowers, too, are pure poetry: handing delicately off their arcing stems, they lift their fine pink petticoats in sort of curtsy. It’s enough to break your heart.

blog061213_bleeding heart163/365: bleeding heart

05.21.13 foliage fetish

As much as I love flowers, it’s the foliage that really gets me. I like a good leaf and rainbow of green hues. That’s why our woodland garden – full of hostas and ferns – gets more TLC than the others; the luscious unfurling of the fresh fronds is my love’s reward.

blog052113_fernsunfurling141/365: fern fronds unfurling

made in the shade

The shade garden holds special charm for me. It lacks the bold and showy sun-gobbling blooms. But, my eye delights in the myriad green hues and tiny flowers – like hidden gems – gracing the shadows.

Day 25: Yellow Corydalis

Yellow Corydalis