now showing

Playing with shadows two days in a row means two consecutive days of sunshine! This silhouette was so strong and clear, it was like someone came along and painted the tree on the side of the house. The best part  was that I’d never noticed it before, making we wonder if it was a rare and special occurrence or if I just hadn’t been paying attention.

blog012415_tree shadow23/365: tree silhouette with window

06.06.13 shadow world

I’m struck by the fact that this picture – while featuring a lovely vintage lamp – is not really about light. It’s the darkness that compels; the light is merely the instrument, the brush that paints a world of shadows.

blog060613_lamp157/365: lamp light

02.25.13 always something

The beauty of the 365 project lies precisely in its relentlessness. The need to make a picture every day – no matter what – forces you to push your eye and your imagination when you might otherwise shrug and say, there’s nothing to see here. But, the truth is, if you stretch far enough, there is always something.

blog022513-IKEA CHAIR56/365: chair with shadow and newspapers

02.03.13 shadow effect

Nothing can sneak around when there is snow on the ground – not even the shadows. The snow makes a memento of every footstep, records every fallen stick, reveals the passage of time. Every mark shows signs of movement, while the wild horse stands still as a statue, only effecting to block out the sun.

blog020313_wildhorse34/365: wild horse in the snow