changing landscapes

I am pleased to be one of nine artists selected for Changing Landscapes: A Shift from Rural to Urban. The show opens Thursday, October 11 at Silverwood Gallery. Artists were asked to consider: where does nature exist in urban spaces?

My photographs focus on traces of nature against the backdrop of the built environment. Nature is always present. No place is without wind, weather, sky, sunlight.

Nature in an urban setting may be more subtle – not grand scenic vistas or true Wilderness but any phenomena that exists outside of human creation, however small or quotidian it may be. For instance…

A potpourri of leaves and flower petals in rich autumn colors appears painterly, blurred beneath the fountain’s moving water.

Four red leaves follow the mortar lines along an old brick wall.

A scattering of brilliant yellow leaves shine against a green manhole cover, bedecking the city sidewalk with its own autumn foliage.

These photographs express the idea that runs throughout my work – that nature, like beauty, can be found nearly anywhere; it only needs to be seen.

Changing Landscapes will be on view at Silverwood Gallery through November 30.