04.16.13 band of blue

Yesterday, the blue sky was THE inspiration. I chased the wisps of blue as they swirled in and out of the clouds. But, of all the images, I was drawn to this one. I like to create these color field compositions from nature, abstracted to mere swaths of color (albeit with a heavy Romantic flourish).

blog041613_colorfield106/365: color field: sky and clouds

04.13.13 april showers

Last week, in Minneapolis, our April showers came mostly in the form of snow. I don’t even want to talk about it really. When it melted on the skylight in my studio and made the naked trees look kind of lovely and forlorn, I just pretended it was spring rain after all.

blog041313_aprilshowers103/365: skylight, twilight

03.19.13 looking up

Our back door faces west. This means that I can see the sunset from the kitchen but only if I make a point of it.

The thing about the view out back is that it has the potential to be lovely but only if you’re selective. If you look down, you’ll see a pile of toys, most likely. And any attempt at a wider vista will only be blighted by a motley assemblage of garbage cans, garage tops, and satellite dishes.

But if you look up – at just the right angle – it’s all trees and sky and the clean lines of telephone wires looping us all together as they recede into the distance.

blog031913_out back78/365: sky view from the back door

03.15.13 afterglow

…smile because it happened.

 – for Jim

blog031513_sunset74/365: sunset

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” is variously attributed to Dr. Seuss and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

As we say good bye to Brad’s uncle Jim today we celebrate because he happened.

watching the skies

Ssshhhh. There is snow in the forecast but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it out loud. I love snow. My kids love snow. And there is nothing I like better than a white Christmas. So, fingers-crossed!!

This photograph has nothing to do with snow. But, since I’m watching the skies, waiting for the flakes to fall, I thought I’d share a rosy outlook for your Friday. Think of it as something pretty for today, from me to you.

pink-cloudscapepink clouds


This is a photo I’ve wanted to share for a while. Every time I tried to post, I struggled with what to write. I kept thinking of the freedom of the birds soaring through the air and how each of us desires that kind of peaceful, effortless grace as we journey through our lives. I kept thinking about my grandmother, the beauty of her spirit and the peace of no longer struggling with a tired body and a long illness. She passed away last month. I miss her so much already and I can’t quite believe she’s really gone. But I also can’t think about her without a tremendous swell of love,  a smile for the person she was and all that she meant to me.

sandhill cranes