bare bones

I realize this might be tough to appreciate, especially viewed small & on screen. But I really dig it, so I’m going with it anyway.

I like the way the twig looks like it’s painted on with a fine brush. And how it captures the bleakness of winter but not without a measure of stark beauty.

blog020415_twig high contrast34/365: twig in snow


Despite the fresh beginning that the New Year brings, come January (in the north country), it can feel that the world has been dead for quite a long time. The landscape appears monochromatic, rather bleak. I turn to the seeds – always full of hope – the subtle grays, browns, and shades of white that form the winter palette – and take heart in the knowledge that every winter eventually turns to spring.


1/365: seed heads on snow

04.24.13 extreme thaw

Monday night it snowed another 6 inches. Tuesday morning, the sun showed up in full force. Snow was melting so fast  – like the entire spring thaw condensed into time lapse. Huge chunks of snow pelted the rooftop all morning in a sky-is-falling symphony.

In twelve short hours, all six inches of snow had been transformed into rushing, dripping, exuberant, flowing WATER and the sun set with the satisfaction of a job well done.

blog042413_ecstatic melt114/365: april snow melt

04.19.13 rattling bones

The relentless bluster of this winterspring season calls for an old-timey effect. Something that expresses an intimate knowledge of hardship. Of cold so deep it’s written on the bones and haunts summer’s dreams with their rattling.

blog_april snow109/365: april snowstorm