field trip

262/365: green ware with straw hat


Last week I got the chance to chaperone Sawyer’s 6th grade field trip. It was an ‘old-time’ affair called River Rendezvous, a temporary city of tents set up to demonstrate life in the 1800’s. We ended the day with a pottery demonstration.

Wheel throwing is something I can get completely lost in. I took a class once while I was in grad school – just for fun – and was instantly obsessed. Watching a vessel rise up and take shape as if conjured from the clay just never ceases to amaze me. I guess I’m not alone; even the antsy kids were spellbound.

05.03.13 juxtaposition

A mishmash still life study in contrasts:  high/low, silver/straw, tarnish/neon, old master/POP!

blog050313_still_life_with_silver_service123/365: still life with silver service