10.02.13 frame of mind

I have long admired antique picture frames. They can be so beautiful, ornate, and well-crafted – sometimes their beauty exceeds that of the artwork within (!) or adds another dimension of texture, pattern, and interest to the piece as a whole.

With that appreciation in mind, I’m beginning to put together a new project that I’ll be excited to share in the near future…

blog080413_pictures&frames275/365: vintage frames & pictures

09.13.13 abandoned

Abandoned houses are a childhood fascination I never outgrew. As a little girl  riding in the backseat, I craned to get a closer look of the empty farmhouses. They were my landmarks on the drive to my grandparents’ house in rural Minnesota.

I loved to imagine the stories of the families. It was deliciously sad, mysterious and unfathomable that people would leave their homes to be slowly reclaimed by the wild. I always wanted to peer through the window or step inside to see what they’d left behind.

doll256/365: porcelain doll

09.09.13 doggie in the window

I grew up singing ‘How much is that doggie in the window?” and wanting to buy every one I saw.  I’m not sure that puppies in windows even exist these days – a good thing, no doubt. But I can’t wait to find the one with just the right waggly tail.

And I do hope that dog is for sale.

blog090913_ceramic dogs252/365: ceramic dogs

08.29.13 days of wine & roses

They are not long, the days of wine and roses:

Out of a misty dream

Our path emerges for a while, then closes

Within a dream.

from ‘Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam’ by Ernest Dowson

blog082913_lamps and flowers241/365: lamplight and flowers

08.04.13 (im)perfection

As a rather discouraged perfectionist, I often delight in the bit of mayhem, disarray, erosion, and decay that marks accidents, nature, life, antiques, people, art.

There is so much order and artistry in this piece: the measured ribbing, the graceful strokes of calligraphy and the vibrant,  expressive figure of the crab.

And, then, there is a hole. In the umbrella. Allowing just a little bit of water or sunlight – exposure – to filter in. That’s what makes it interesting.

asian umbrella216/365: umbrella with calligraphy & crab

07.25.13 form follows fashion

Once upon a time, I was a fifteen-year-old girl with a fervent devotion to reading Vogue. I think I truly believed that my grown-up self would inhabit those fanciful outfits, from the tip of the afro to the toe of the $1,000 shoes. And maybe someday I will. The fanciful part, anyway…

blog072513_mannequin with rhinestone206/365: mannequin, bejewelled

06.28.13 banana split

I have never eaten a banana split. I always thought it seemed like a good way to ruin a perfectly good ice cream sundae. Too many ingredients.

I do, however, delight in highly specialized dishes, especially when they mimic the form of the food they’re meant to serve.

blog062813_bananasplitbowls179:365: banana split bowls