will work for love

This depiction of cupid really made me think. Is he asleep? Exhausted by his endless task of inflicting love on the masses? Or is he taking a moment to contemplate his career options? Maybe he always wanted to be an insurance salesman or a stand-up comic. In any case, he’s busy this time of year and, sometimes, no matter how much we love our jobs, we all need a little break.

blog021215_cupid42/365: cupid’s rest

sweet nothings

Love is in the air and in the studio. One of the things I’ve been working on this week is designing a few new Valentine’s Day cards. In addition to my fine art practice, I own a business called Avant Garden Studio. I design & make artful goods like cards, journals, and calendars that feature my photography and, often, some bit of text as well.

I’ll be building an online shop for Avant Garden Studio later this year. For now, these cards are available on my Etsy shop with FREE shipping to U.S. addresses. 8 days left till Valentine’s Day…xoxo


36/365: avant garden valentines

02.14.13 roses are red

A little Dylan for my one true love… Today, and everyday, I’m so glad you’re mine.

blog021413_rose petals45/365: rose petals

My love he speaks like silence / Without ideals or violence

He doesn’t have to say he’s faithful / Yet he’s true, like ice, like fire.

People carry roses / Make promises by the hour

My love he laughs like the flowers / Valentines can’t buy him.

(Love Minus Zero – Bob Dylan)

02.07.13 black lights, big city

Yesterday was Zola’s first ever class field trip. It was my first black light performance complete with hyper-color puppets, and a gaggle of giddy preschoolers but no Pink Floyd to speak of…

Thanks to Imagination Theatre for Valentine’s Day Surprise: a play that dazzled us with a levitating circus in a sea of black and taught us that the key to happiness is to open your heart to the love and kindness within you.

blog020713_man-eater38/365: lion tamer