veggie love no. 8: rainbow chard

The jewel-toned stems of the rainbow chard border on unbelievable. It’s the bouquet we look forward to every year, hand-picked and carefully arranged by our favorite farmer who pays attention to aesthetics inviting us to savor the beauty first and then the flavor. After the oohs and aahs (and pictures) we chop it up and throw it in a sauté of green onions, dill and feta. Then it goes in the spanakopita. Mmmm. I can’t wait.

rainbow swiss chard

veggie love no. 5: beet greens

I confess. I do not like beets. Not even the fresh-picked, organic gems that come in our CSA box. I’m working on it…

Beet greens are another story, however. First, they are easy on the eyes. Unlike the gnarled roots of their labor, the tops are delicate leafy ruffles of rich green trimmed in crimson. Also, their mild flavor bears no resemblance to their subterranean counterparts.

beet greens

veggie love no. 2: purple cauliflower

I have yet to eat a purple cauliflower but I am always delighted by their rich color at the farmers market. They, like the chartreuse romanesco, always remind me of sea coral; I love the intricate detail of every facet. One day, I’ll take a nibble.

purple cauliflower

veggie love no. 1: green beans

I’m putting together a simple series of my favorite recent veggie shots. So fun playing with the vegetal variations of color and form. I’m proud to say these perfectly skinny green beans came from our very own garden. They were not only delicious and abundant, they were a hit with the kids, too!

haricots verts

about those greens…

I’ll admit that the CSA member experience comes with a bit of a learning curve. I try to improve each year – using more, wasting less – and, also, expanding my palate. Leafy greens were an acquired taste for us. And, we were always so inundated with greens during the early weeks of the season that eating the tops of the turnips seemed beyond our grasp. Until now. I sliced them up in ribbons and cooked them the way I like my spinach, only longer. Not likely to replace spinach as my favorite but pretty tasty. Now, if I could find a way to fall in love with those collards…

Day 28: Turnip Greens for Dinner

Turnip Greens with Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Chili Flake, and Parmesan with Simple Roasted Potatoes

garlic scapes

This week’s box from Hog’s Back Farm contained an undulating mass of garlic scapes. These curvaceous critters seem almost more animal than vegetable and, while easy to cook and delicious to eat, they can be tough to tame, stubbornly insisting on their serpentine poses.

Day 21: Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

I haven’t had a chance to cook them yet but I’m thinking frittata…