A scene from our property line. I am delighted to say that this used to be a bare chainlink fence.

blog072115_fence with vines198/365: property line/good fences

three-part harmony

I love the bands of color/texture in the diverse plant activity here – the scraggly, the lush, the overgrown. It looks like a very real garden to me – left to its own devices.

blog050215120/365: daffodils

02.28.13 mess o’ vines

Maybe it’s because I’m becoming more of a gardener myself. Or maybe it’s because I’m often looking for daily photos within the same 4-block radius. But I am just loving these winter garden vignettes. This one, the chaotic tangle of English ivy growing along our fence, reminds me of barbed wire. Or some really unruly hair. I like that the vines have a strong will and a mind of their own. Of course, it helps that they are so beautiful…

blog022813_winterivy59/365: winter ivy