something old, something new

Since all I’ve posted lately are invitations to my art fairs, I thought I’d share a little something pretty for your Friday pleasure. It’s a new picture made from something I shot some time ago and it will be one of my first vintage-framed prints (available tomorrow).

small gold silkssilk flower still life

10.02.13 frame of mind

I have long admired antique picture frames. They can be so beautiful, ornate, and well-crafted – sometimes their beauty exceeds that of the artwork within (!) or adds another dimension of texture, pattern, and interest to the piece as a whole.

With that appreciation in mind, I’m beginning to put together a new project that I’ll be excited to share in the near future…

blog080413_pictures&frames275/365: vintage frames & pictures

09.27.13 the angling

I’m not an angler. Truth be told, my sympathy usually lies with the fish. But there is an appeal to it. At its best, fishing is solitude and simplicity – bamboo pole, worm, and net – and, then, the act of dipping into nature, embroiled in a primitive battle of wills.

It’s all that Hemingway, I suppose.

blog_fishingnet269/365: vintage fishing net

09.19.13 blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

I’ve been on a nostalgic musical journey over the past few weeks, ever since my friend Felicia turned me on to a Pandora genre station called ’70’s Lite Rock’. If you want to feel all the earthy glam and free-spirited innocence of that bygone era, I recommend tuning in. Somehow this image captures that spirit of the 70’s for me.

blog_lightfixtures262/365: vintage chandeliers