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One of the things I love to capture in my garden photos is the juxtaposition of the plants and flowers that are fading away and those that are just emerging. It’s a more honest way of seeing the garden and I find there is beauty in every part of the cycle.

blog053015_azalea petal & lily pad

147/365: azalea petal and lily pad

innocent criminals

Once, in the heady, early days of falling in love, we paddled this same water and joyfully plucked up the pristine ivory blossom of a water lily. Delighted, we basked in the beauty of the flower, of the day, of our lives unfolding petal by petal in each other’s gaze.

It was only later that we realized we’d broken the law, led astray by our ardent desire to possess the beloved. Ah, well. Call it a crime of passion. We have since learned to admire from afar. At least, where lilies are concerned.

water lily