i never promised you a rose garden

Everything, all around, is so lush and green. This scene just struck me in its austerity.

I love the contrasting cheer of the bright yellow flowers -a hint of the visual racket outside the frame.

blog071515_branches&weeds@nokomis192/365: branches & weeds, lake nokomis


Every time I see one of these huge puff balls, it brings me back to my 70’s childhood. We used to have to stop the car so my mom and grandma could climb into the ditch to pick them. Back home, they were given the AquaNet treatment and put on display.

Funny which moments turn golden as time goes on.


blog071015_puff-ball187/365: puff ball at the prairie garden

friends in low places

Pretty isn’t it? It’s Creeping Charlie.

Where I come from, this specimen is one of the most vile, despised weeds to ever sully a perfect green lawn. A closer look reveals the plant to be quite lovely. It’s also edible, a common salad green in many countries. Would it help to call it another name? Let’s try ground ivy…

‘Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them.’ – A.A. Milne

blog050515_creepingcharlie123/365: ground ivy (glechoma hederacea)

beautiful weeds

It’s no secret I have an affection for weeds. I’ve adored dandelions (more than once), cautiously sung the praises of invasive species and, most recently, touted the glories of thistles. I’m thinking the beautiful weeds could become a pet project…

In the mean time, I’ll share a new favorite: the sow thistle that sprouted in the rock wall along the shore at the cabin. The sunny yellow blooms cast such cheer against the iron-stained darkness of the lake. Like a splash of lemon brightening a glass of strong, black tea.

sow thistles at little sturgeon lake