sweet dreams are made of this

At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than your own bed. This was the only photo I could muster after Saturday’s art fair  & just before collapsing onto freshly-washed sheets. It really is the little things…

blog071215_bed189/365: bed

unexpected guest

The new dark gray deck stain provided a perfect backdrop for my exotic visitor. This long-haired wonder hung out on the railing most of the day, giving me the perfect thing to shoot while the 2nd coat dried.

blog062615_cool-caterpillar175/365: caterpillar

make your mark

Fresh snow is like a gigantic blank canvas, perfectly suited to the irresistible human desire to make our mark wherever we go.

I always enjoy discovering other people’s creations, like these undulating lines – so like the flowing current – rolling along the frozen creek bed.

snow markings50/365: lines in the snow


Despite the fresh beginning that the New Year brings, come January (in the north country), it can feel that the world has been dead for quite a long time. The landscape appears monochromatic, rather bleak. I turn to the seeds – always full of hope – the subtle grays, browns, and shades of white that form the winter palette – and take heart in the knowledge that every winter eventually turns to spring.


1/365: seed heads on snow

02.27.13 make believe

I love the make believe corner at Zola’s school. Or any place that encourages flights of fancy and provides tools for the imagination. Glimmering in shafts of afternoon sunlight, the dress-up clothes whisper an invitation to come and play, to inhabit the daydream.

blog022713_makebelieve58/365: dress-up in teal & tulle (preschool afternoon)