invasive affection

Oh purple loosestrife! Why do you tempt me with your beauty? We both know that you don’t belong here. And you never will.

blog080715_purple-loosestrife215/365: purple loosestrife

wild life

If you know our family or you’ve ever explored our backyard, you know that wild life sightings are common. With the recent weed explosion in the gardens, the place has a jungle vibe that perfectly suits the big cats.

blog061615_cheetah164/365: leopard

the color of spring

Sometimes the sun is so bright it makes photography difficult. Rather than fight with it, I decided to focus on capturing the intensity of the light and the glowing chartreuse foliage all around me.

The new leaves & grasses are so bright, when the sunlight hits them, they appear to be lit up from inside. It’s a uniquely spring color, this yellow-green; it only sticks around a short time before deepening into summer hues.

blog042715_sunnyday-greengrass115/365: glowing grasses