07.10.13 welcome home

One downside to a week-long vacation is that I miss the gardens. I worry about the plants getting enough water and I fret over missing some spectacular, short-lived blooms.

When we returned Sunday, we were just in time to see the welcoming sights of the favorite yellow lilies, the newly-planted daisies, and the sweet, pink yarrow. The next day, I spent time watering and getting reacquainted with the gardens and discovered the tomatoes and green beans that emerged during our time away. As much as I love our time at the lake, it’s good to be home. And that is a good thing.

blog071013_pinkyarrow191/365: pink yarrow

Little Feathers, Lacey Blooms

Of all the common names for achillea millefolium, the one I like best is plumajillo –  ‘little feather’ – describing the shape of the leaves. I’ve always known them as ‘yarrow’ and thought of them as almost-weeds. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; they have just the combination of toughness and delicate beauty that tends to win me over.

Day 12: Yarrow

Rose-Colored Yarrow Blossoms