after the rain

Few things are more delicate, fresh, and lovely than raindrops on petals (roses or otherwise). There’s also a depth to the light that emerges after a storm – a softness and subtlety that brings out the richness of colors more than sunshine ever could.

blog052715_iris144/365: iris

dreaming in color

If I know my kids, this is more than a puddle of dandelion threads in a Tonka truck bed; it’s a magical YELLOW potion in progress. It’s hard to number the things we love most about our children, but I’d have to place their boundless imaginations in the Top 5.

blog042815_dandelion potion116/365: dandelion potion

02.20.13 daisy, daisy

Talk about color! Just when we all needed a boost…Mom to the rescue! She brought smiles, snacks, her usual helping hands, and an abundance of sunshine. Oh, and daisies, too! Thanks, Mom, for making everything a little brighter.

blog022013_yellowdaisy51/365: yellow daisies

North of the 45th

I think this is my most successful- or at least my favorite – street photograph. It is part of the North of the 45th Parallel annual Upper Midwest juried exhibition at The Devos Art Museum at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. I had this half-baked idea that I could take a road trip to the U.P. for the opening of the show Friday night. It’s not happening but it sure would be a beautiful drive. Maybe later this summer?

Yellow Slicker

North of the 45th Parallel opens Friday, June 15 at The Devos Art Museum. Through August 5th, 2012.