06.05.13 where there’s smoke

Part of my burgeoning prairie love affair: the Seussian tufts of prairie smoke waving in the breeze.

blog0513_prairie smoke156/365: prairie smoke

3 thoughts on “06.05.13 where there’s smoke

  1. Terra,

    I wonder if you have heard about a new thing in the Walker Sculpture Garden called the Foraging Circle. An artist named Fritz Haeg is responsible for it. He has a residency at the Walker this summer. He’s planting plants that are from “pre-settlement” Minnesota, and the idea is that they will be foraged and used in a show in Gallery 7 called “Domestic Integrities.” When the plants get going, you should check it out. Here’s a link: http://www.walkerart.org/fritz-haeg-at-home-in-the-city/about-the-project


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