03.29.13 rites of spring

There’s nothing like the smell of white vinegar to signal the return of Spring. It’s an Easter ritual my children enjoy every bit as much as I always did do. In fact, there was some talk around the table about dyeing eggs at some other time of year – just because it’s so much fun. Hmmm. It could happen…

032913_eastereggs88/365: easter eggs

One thought on “03.29.13 rites of spring

  1. I too have a soft spot for dying eggs. When I was a child I think I got 1 kit, and I was so sad when we were done. Years later, my Mother dyed eggs using beets, coffee, turmeric, I thought they were so beautiful. As many times as I dyed eggs with my children, I delighted in each one. I agree, I think we should all dye eggs any time of the year. Good idea!!

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